Semifreddi's Bread Loaf

Baking with pride since 1984. Since 1984. Family owned. Made with traditional sourdough starter, this load has a deep, tangy taste and aroma. Its batard shape makes it ideal for sandwiches, toast and dinner bread. Kids and old folks enjoy the soft crust. Semifreddis sourdough starter is wheat flour, water, and wild yeast. (Wild yeast? Hey - its the Bay Area!) World headquarters - the bay area is our world. Retail shop 372 Colusa Ave. Kensington. (510) 596-9935. We hope you enjoy all of our breads and pastries that are delivered fresh seven days a week! Barbara Rose, her husband Michael Rose and her brother Tom Frainier, Owners, Yes, we are related and still speak to each other every day. Well, almost every day! Recyclable. Biodegradable.